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Does the Landlord’s property insurance cover me as a renter?

Renters Insurance
Renters Insurance

The short answer is NO! In fact, you have to purchase renter’s insurance to cover you as a renter. Landlord’s property insurance only provides coverage to repair the damages in the building itself. To protect you and your personal property, you have to purchase your own renter’s insurance.

Does the Landlord’s property insurance cover me as a renter?

The short answer is NO! In fact, you have to purchase renter’s insurance to cover you as a renter. Landlord’s property insurance only provides coverage to repair the damages in the building itself. To protect you and your personal property, you have to purchase your own renter’s insurance.

Difference between landlord insurance and renter’s insurance

There’s a massive difference between landlord insurance and renter’s insurance; however, both insurance form protects certain damages. 

Landlord insurance helps to cover structure damages and liability claims including protection for lost rent payments if the property is in temporary vacancy due to repairs. Also, it covers the landlord in the event someone is injured on the property and covers damages such as vandalism or stolen property.

Renter’s insurance covers the renters itself and personal belongings in the event of a disaster. It covers you and your belongings in the event of a fire, smoke damage, theft, vandalism, water damage, and visitor’s injuries. Your renter’s insurance includes medical expenses and legal fees if someone suffers an injury inside your premises. 

Remember that landlord insurance will only provide coverage for the damages in the unit or building; it won’t cover the renter’s personal property. However, renter’s insurance will cover the renter and its personal belongings as well.

Can a landlord make you get renters insurance?

As a renter of a unit, most landlords require a renter’s insurance for their tenants as lease requirements. Why? although this may be true most tenants don’t understand that the landlord has no responsibility insuring the tenant’s personal belongings or in such instances like; 

  • Losses or damages to a renter’s personal property 
  • Cases of accidents at the property which the renter is liable
  • Damages to the property in which the renter is responsible

So, if you are planning to rent a property to live in, it is most recommended to purchase a renter’s insurance to protect your personal property in the event of losses.

Coverage of Renter’s Insurance Policy and Landlord’s Protection Policy

CoveragesHO-4 ( Renter’s Insurance)DP-3 (Landlord Protection)
It is known as renter’s insurance, and it is an insurance policy that covers tenants against liability claims and loss of personal property.DP-3 (Landlord Protection) Also referred to as the Dwelling fire policy, it covers residential properties that are rented out to others.
  • Fire& Smoke damage
  • Wind, Hail & Lightning
  • Falling objects
  • Explosions
  • Theft
  • Volcanic eruption
  • Weight of ice, snow& sleet
  • Water damage
  • Vandalism
  • Damages by vehicles & aircrafts
  • Electric surges
  • Damages due to a riot
DP-3 is an open peril basis unless excluded in the policy. It means it covers any damages due to a peril unless excluded in the policy.
BLoss of Use

This coverage covers any additional living expenses if the house you are renting is temporarily unhabitable and needs for a repair due to damages caused by a peril.

Loss of Rental Income

If your property is damaged by a peril such as fire, and unable to rent out the home. Landlord policy will cover the lost rental income.

CLiability Coverage

in HO-4 it covers the damages, repairs, medical bills, and lawsuit expenses if you are found liable in an accident.

Liability Coverage

Dp-3 liability coverage covers bodily injury and property damage. In the event, it includes an individual that is injured inside your property, or you damage someone else’s property that you are legally responsible.

DPersonal Property

It covers the renter’s personal property in certain damages that are listed in the policy.

Dwelling coverage

DP-3 will typically cover the costs to rebuild your dwelling or home.

How much personal property coverage do I need?

Getting a renter’s insurance coverage with personal property coverage limits be wise in choosing the amount it must be close to or higher than the value of your personal belongings. Buying a larger coverage limit can protect all your personal properties in the event of a loss. However, you should keep in mind that the policy coverage will only cover you up to the limit.

What is not covered by your Renter’s Insurance?

There are exclusions that your renter’s insurance will not cover in the event of a loss. Before purchasing your renter’s insurance, make sure to understand the exclusions to prepare yourself if an unexpected will come. 

Damages caused by an earthquake is not covered your renter’s insurance. However, if you want protection in the event of tremor and to secure your personal belongings, you might want to consider getting earthquake insurance as a separate policy. Homeowner’s insurance providers particularly do not provide earthquake insurance. Homeowner’s insurance generally does not cover Flood damages, and you might consider buying a separate policy for flood and earthquake damages to cover your assets in the event this peril strikes. Aside from earthquake and flood damages, valuables such as jewelry may not also be covered by a basic renters policy; however, there is additional coverage for those kinds of properties.

Where to buy Earthquake insurance and Flood insurance?

Earthquake damages are certainly not covered by your homeowner’s insurance; for instance, you are renting, or you own a condo, you can buy earthquake insurance as a separate policy. Generally speaking, the California Earthquake Authority (CEA) provides earthquake insurance in California. Earthquake policies in CEA are available for homeowners, mobile homeowners, condo owner’s and tenants’ s/renters. On the other hand, you cannot purchase earthquake policy directly from CEA; you must buy from insurance companies that are members of CEA.

On the other hand, Flood insurance is also offered as a separate policy as it is not covered under your homeowners’ policy.  As well as flood insurance, you can only purchase from agents or insurance companies that are a member of NFIP.

How to buy renter’s insurance?

In purchasing renter’s insurance it is important to realize that you have to make sure that you’re getting the best coverage with your renter’s insurance, you have to consider doing this thing to protect all your properties from losses. 

  1. If you purchase a renter’s insurance, the first thing that you have to do is, create an inventory of your personal belongings and their value as well. Certainly, it will help you determine how much coverage you will need to protect your personal property. 
  2. You have to choose your deductible for your property coverage. A deductible is an amount you have to pay out of pocket before your insurance cover the repair or replace the damages to your personal properties. 
  3. You have to decide how much liability insurance you want. Remember that liability insurance will help you cover the medical expenses and damages to other’s property. It also includes legal fees if you are sued by an individual that is hurt inside your property. Think of an amount that can cover you the full cost in the time of needs. 
  4. In buying renter’s insurance, you have to make sure that you include additional living expenses because not all insurance providers offer ALE. 
  5. After that, you can get free insurance quotes to compare rates and to see which insurance providers offer the best coverage at affordable prices. You can start getting a free quote in your car insurance providers, and you can have a bundling discount.

Where can you get renter’s insurance?

You can purchase your renter’s insurance from many insurance providers. Getting a renter’s insurance won’t take long, especially if you buy a policy online, and have the chance to compare the offers and rates. If you need further assistance or do you have a question in mind, try to get a free quote and communicate with insurance representatives that can address all concerns you have in mind.

How long does it take to apply for renter’s insurance?

Some form of insurance will take time to get, like health insurance; it has an enrollment period and waits until you can apply. However, purchasing a renter’s insurance has a quick process; these are some details you can rely on in buying renter’s insurance. 

  • Type and location
  • Existing damage to the structure
  • Dogs or other pets
  • Commercial activity ( It may not be covered under your personal renter’s policy)
  • Claim history

In purchasing renter’s insurance, the first thing to remember is to understand the terms of your policy to understand the coverage and limits of your policy. If you have questions in mind, don’t hesitate to contact your insurance providers to clarify things before making an agreement, or if you are a first-time seeker, you can get a free quote to compare rates! Protect your properties with trusted insurance providers.


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